... Why Photography

I didn't know what I wanted to do. I jumped around jobs for a little while in my search.

In 2009, photography kinda fell in my lap. I wasn't aware it would be something I would LOVE and want to do until I started as an assistant at a small studio in Mora, MN (my hometown). From there I learned so much. Linda, taught me lighting, color correcting, and printing. She was a great mentor. However, the studio was more traditional than what customers wanted and ended up closing in 2010. I missed it and didn't want to give it up. So, I bought my first "professional" camera. It was nothing like I use today but I learned on it and that is what matters. I would mainly take pictures of my daughter, friends, and family. I didn't do it as a career quite yet.

In 2014 I decided enough was enough. I had just had our son and something about me changed. I still can't describe it to this day but I just knew it was time for me to start Gem Photography. I wanted to be able to put those beautiful family pictures on the wall of my customers homes. Something about creating an image that has feeling, emotion, and is beautiful is the happiest feeling in the world to me. It is literally an adrenaline rush for me! When I start a session it is like something takes over me and just knows exactly what to do and how to do it. While, I have self taught and learned from others, there is something more to it.    


I know that I grew up with two very loving parents but they were also hard on me to make the right choices and teach me how to make those choices. Now, I see myself doing that to my children because that is all I know and understand but I don't necessarily when to raise my babies the same way. Recently, we lost a very beloved woman in our family. She was the most kind hearted, caring, and accepting person I have ever met. Not very often did she have to raise her voice or give a punishment. Her children wanted to talk to her about everything and didn't feel judgement or scared to do so. I want to love with that kinda patients. I feel like love is something we all feel from a young age but with time we teach ourselves a different love than we originally felt.

On the other hand, my same parents have always showed their love for each other. They would snuggle in the chair, kiss, and just be silly when we were growing up. I clearly remember say, "I want to love like that!"
Now, that I am happily in a relationship, I see myself in that kind of relationship.

I would say the best way to love is the best way you know how. There is no right or wrong way!

Just Love Yourself!